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Matrix-Q Archaeology Expeditions 2020 [ The fifth element and the human code ]

We create a futurist bridge between ancient civilizations, the the needs of today and the future advanced global civilization we want.

By L. D. Maldonado Fonken, CEO, R&D Lead

Every year we organize a multidsciplinary archaeology expedition.

Along these expeditions we boost our creativity by getting exposed to nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient civilizations and cultures

Since the year 1987, i have been visiting almost, at least once every year an archeological site, learned about their culture, mathematics, technology and discovering how did they use nature principles, laws, rhythms, to develop their civilizations.

These expeditions helped me to connect the dots, for the studies on Mathematics, ICT, Leadership, Human Potential and Sustainable Business Practices, i have been working on since 1993, and helped me as well arrive to the definition of the Matrix-Q Method.

I believe there is still so much to learn from our past, that we need to use in our present, in order to change our future

We will decide the location, site, culture and ancient civilization we will visit this year. And i hope, for this expedition, to have guests and that some of our team members will also join us, as well as new associated consultants. It may be an expedition of 4 to 9 days. We will announced soon

Here some words about the fifth element, on the platonic solid, and ancient knowledge regarding the elements compound of all that is have been and will be. And on the ancient code, that describes human nature.

Would you like to join us in this expedition ? please contact us.

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