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WEBINAR Human-Capital Metrics for Start-Ups Vetting Programs (The Matrix-Q Methodology )

Human-Capital Metrics for Start-Ups Vetting Programs (The Matrix-Q Methodology ) 

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We are living in a time in which entrepreneurs need to face change, complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty.

For 2030/2050 we have many common goals to achieve in the world: SDG2030, Circular Transition, Climate Proof Global Civilisation, Peace, Equality, Zero-Hunger, Global Health & Quality of Life

Leaders and entrepreneurs need today more than ever to demonstrate that have acquired experience, knowledge and also are skilful at facing challenges, pivoting, learning, adapting themselves, being creative and having social empathy

The Matrix-Q Methodology, has been applied to develop a digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. (Data-driven, gasified, tokenized) which serve entrepreneurs and impact investors to generate data, obtain metrics-reports on human-capital performance and capacity

With our data-driven, smart applications, we measure, enhance and optimize human-capacity in leaders: multidisciplinary innovation capacity, circular thinking, adaptation capacity, learning skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, social empathy, creative-mindset, life-work-balance.


> Introduction to Human Capital Metrics (Matrix-Q Method)

> Protect your investment in human capital

> Optimise the management of your investment in human capital

> Quantification of human capital value

> Data-driven tools to measure, enhance and optimise human capital capacity

> The Matrix-Q Human Capital [Investment Protection] Seminar

> The Matrix-Q Impact-Journey – Start-ups vetting program – Impact Investment

> DEMO Smart App Matrix-Q MindSet e-Test

> DEMO Human Capital Metrics (Matrix-Q Method)

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