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Invest in Self-awareness, to unleash your full-potential as impact leader

The future we want for the following 9+ generations, needs from all of us today to change.

The kind of change necessary will take place once each of us learn to feel, think, create, lead, act without being pulled by the fear and short term view of a survival and selfish mindset.

Thanks to SELF-AWARENESS we can accelerate learning, thinking and behaviour change, to the level necessary for success and future-proof leadership.

In order to create a positive impact, we need to know ourselves, our own barriers, strengths, purpose, and capacity.

Self-awareness methods should be a resource for every leader, innovators, entrepreneur, impact-agent and impact-investor.

As we can not solve the challenges we need to face today, from the same level of thinking and behaviour that cause the problems we need to solve.

Self-awareness is the first step necessary to create systemic change

Self-awareness is not only a practice that brings you to the next level of personal and leadership development.

You can apply self-awareness methods to level up your organization’s culture, and collective intelligence (teams, families or communities)

How good do you know your self, and your own business? your own community and family?

Self-awareness is the foundation that enables a positive change, the perception of opportunities and assessment of our capacity, enabling conscious and responsible choices, that lead to an outcome we can create with the resources and conditions available.

Can you master your Self-awareness capacity?MindSet DNA? Creativity? Empathy? Emotions? Resources?

The Matrix-Q Self-Awareness Competition for Impact-Leaders

A competition would give you the opportunity to challenge yourself, find out where your limits are, release trapped value (Capacity you are currently not using), explore on dormant skills or potential you have not fully activated yet, and challenge you in such a way that you would learn faster about your own intentions, aims, goals and your capacity to achieve them.

1 degree variation in our journey doesn’t seem to be much along the first 100 mts, but after 100 kms will be. The same idea applies to the outcome we would like to reach in a period of time. Today little or structural changes does not seem to be relevant in short term, but long term would enable the kind of future we want.


The Matrix-Q Self-awareness Competition for Impact-leaders will give you the chance to explore in your capacity, learn useful self-awareness tools and methodology, and learn how to utilise data-driven tools and even receive support by A.I. engine to optimise your performance, learning, strategic thinking, and decision making.

FEES APPLY = register for the competition with as less as 10.00 EUR = The value of planting 1xTree = offset carbon emissions

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