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The next generation leaders are creating today the advanced civilization of the future we want by combining together awareness and self-awareness

Which is the type of advanced-civilization we are creating together with our daily being and doing?

The human variable of the sustainable development equation is the master-key for the future we want.

I want to explain you in this article what this about statement is about.

Sustainability and social impact, are still focusing in human doing, the impact of doing, while 100 years have passed, since Ms. Sustainability started its first steps in our planet, and despite all efforts, the outcome has not been the one the planet needed, and on the contrary, the damage to millions of species today extinct, resource depletion, waste, and human inequalities increase, has brought our planet to a crisis and a limit.

Today we have only a little time window to correct the negative impact and damage created by previous generations.

Shouldn’t we need to change our approach on the role and type of action the human variable of our future equation needs to play?

In order to create an advanced civilisation in the future, we need to solve the negative compound-impact created along 100s of years of human-creativity, which was mislead by linear thinking patterns, and developed with the misperception of the role human plays in nature.

The type of civilization we are creating in the future is the outcome of our choices. And we are creating it today, day by day.

Which type of technology, society, knowledge, principles, values we choose to lead our ventures, communities, mindsets and skills. What kind of future we want?

The impact the human species have in our planet, can become a conscious choice as well as the type of civilization we create day by day.

This type of civilization we are creating together is the outcome of the conscious choices made by all of us, of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, impact-investors, talents and teachers

Along the last 100 years, sustainability became a topic for research, a motivation, and today a need for change. A change of business models, of design principles, of economy and society. Such level of systemic change needs of the human individual to participate, learn, & evolve.

Along the first years sustainability leaders and NGOs did intent to inspire in companies and governments self-reflection of their negative impact allowed and created in nature, societies and economies; the focus was to ask for a change in what and how is being done, to control impact.

Along the 80s and 90s, we asked leaders to study data and assess together with us the impact created, using understanding and communication as the foundation for change. Values and care, as guidance for change. To take responsibility on the impact created.

70 years after the 2WW, our planet experience the challenge of resource depletion, waste, millions of species extinct, human inequalities, and set 17+ global sustainable development goals for leaders to take action and create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies

Today, 2021, our focus is innovation, entrepreneurship, impact investment, to solve the challenges created by previous generations, to enable a better future for the next 9+ generations. Today we need leaders willing to take action and care for a future-planet beyond their lifespan

The next generation leaders needs to bridge the knowledge and skills gap, acquire new patterns of behaviour, thinking, learning, creating, feeling, leading and acting.

To contribute individually with the creation of the advanced civilization in the future we want, for us to become valuable members of such future, a personal and rapid change is needed, as we have a little time window to create such type of future we all want


Human change is normally slow, its pace depends on individual willingness to change, and the individual ability to make that change tangible, comfortable and impactful. Normally within 10-30 years time, an individual may have achieved such level of impactful personal change.

Today we need the “personal change towards responsible leadership” to take place faster.

The Matrix-Q Method enables change in leaders within 1-5 years. In which personal leadership and leadership need to find a common action-ground with awareness & self-awareness.


Awareness of the values of the world we live in, the balance of the natural economy and the impact human creativity and leadership has in the life of all species in our planet and in the life of the future 9+ generations.

Self-awareness of the personal resources used and needed in order to accelerate learning, thinking, behavior change, to enhance and optimize our performance, creativity, leadership. To measure, predict & consciously chose the type of impact we want to create in the world.

Today we need leaders able to act in the world, as well as to act within themselves, to leverage resources, conditions, opportunities for transformation of the world, as well as for personal transformation. Today both paths becomes one: Being and doing creates together achieving.

We need to live in the world as it is today, and gather the strength and wisdom, knowledge and skills, tools and resources, data and strategy, needed to transform it into the type of advanced civilization we want humanity, next 9+ generations to be proud of. We need to change.

Lets start with our ability of being and doing combined


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