Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

How can you create social-impact with your engagement, creativity, sustainability solutions, quality-of-life knowledge, social inclusion projects, circular innovation, climate solutions, or economy-recovery models ?

Our mission is to help you create more impact

Welcome to the Matrix-Q Impact-Journey


Data-driven  Gamified  Tokenized 

We measure, enhance and optimise

Adaptive-capacity, Circular-thinking, Multidisciplinary-Innovation-Capacity, Learning-Skills, Social-Empathy, Emotional-Intelligence, Strategic-Thinking, Creative-MindSet

Work-Life-Balance Capacity, Happiness-At-Work, Resilience

A digital Platform for Capacity Building Assisted by A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Matrix-Q Method)



Apply to join the competition

For whom ?

  • All candidates are welcome. From all countries, nationalities, fields of expertise. 
  • You are an innovator, an entrepreneur or an impact-agent or leader for change.


  • Your engagement with your own success will be rewarded.
  • For the prizes details, at each step of your impact-journey, please read below
  • Along the Impact-Journey you will receive tokens, points, you can trade later for services, courses or products provided by our ecosystem members and partners.
  • You will also receive rewards and prizes, for your engagement.
  • The prizes include coaching and advice session, masterclasses, e-tests, e-learning, e-trainer, memberships and subscriptions, challenges, tokens, training programs, smart-applications subscriptions, data-driven reports, valuations, and opportunities to create a positive impact in nature, people and economies.

SDG5 : Equal opportunities for men and women

  • At every stage of the journey we have reserved the same number of seats, resources, rewards, tokens, points, and prizes for men and for women.

Matrix-Q Impact-Journey in Numbers (In a Nutshell)

  • You invest 81,00 EUR and about 6 hours in total to become a winner.
  • The Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub is ready to support your journey with prizes of a total value of 65.000,00 EUR. 
  • Winners of the competitions and challenges will enter the gamified impact-journey towards the “Investment-ready program”.
  • By completing the challenges, competitions and learning tasks you would receive 18.000 Matrix-Q Tokens that you can use later, to trade for the subscriptions to the next steps on your impact-journey (see details below)
  • If you are experiencing a challenge adapting yourself to covid-19, climate-change, circularity-transition or automation (Industry 4.0) changes, we offer you also a multidisciplinary workshop and advisory for quick adaptation, shifting to become an online company or prototyping innovative digital products.

The Evaluation Process

In order to pass to the next evaluation round you need to mark a minimum number of points

A gamified and automated acceleration impact-journey for social-entrepreneurs

Q&A, Rules, Conditions, Evaluation Score Card, I.P. Protection

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  • Smart apps
  • e-Tests
  • Score-Card Reports
  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
  • e-Workbooks
  • e-Tools