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The following companies, spin-off and projects are associated members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem.

Holders of Matrix-Q Licenses, Label or Innovation Certificates

They all suggest their services and products through our ecosystem website


Stichting LDMF - Non Profit

Matrix-Q Research Institute

Multidisciplinary nature inspired research, R&D, Innovation, education, Matrix-Q Standard, Label, Licenses & Certificates.


Stichting LDMF

The Stichting LDMF is a non profit organization with the aim to enable implementation and deployment of nature inspired and multidisciplinary innovation developed with Matrix-Q Body of Work.

The innovation and associated companies should have a positive impact in nature, be social inclusive and in contribute with the development of a sustainable global culture and an advanced civilization.

Limited Liability Companies

The Netherlands, Estonia

MQ9S [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V.

Limited liability, The Netherlands

ICT Applications. Matrix-Q Methodology applied for the development of scalable products

A.I., B.I., V.R., Smart Apps, Next Generation Immersive and Data-driven e-Learning, IoT, Edge Computing, e-Games

MQC [Matrix-Q Circular] Solutions B.V.

Limited liability, The Netherlands

3-Fold Human-Inclusive Circular Economy addresses:

  • USERS of machines, technology and materials
  • CONSUMERS of biological products
  • HUMANS by including people with distance to labor market

Circular Economy Partners: Value Chain Transformation

Scalable products for SDG, Climate Innovation, Human Capital


Matrix-Q Consultants OU

e-Business (Estonia)

Online consultancy, coaching & training services

Associated Consultants Network

Matrix-Q Academy for online certification and licenses for Matrix-Q Consultants, Coaches & Trainers

Label Partners

Holders of the Matrix-Q Label


Holder of Matrix-Q Education Methodology Label Alpha

Focuses on developing gamified language learning experiences which are immersive, story-driven and entertaining


Pre-Incubation Program

Prime-Do Dojo

(Personal) Leadership Development

Human Enhancement

We support social impact leaders acquire the knowledge and emotional intelligence skills necessary for the creation of a new economy, a sustainable, inclusive, and circular future.

“The place of the path dedicated to the study of the 9 primordial principles of health happiness and joy”, or “The path of the primordial hero” or “The Primordial Algorithmic Art of Human enhancement”


Media, PR, Marketing & Sales

Specialized in Matrix-Q Products & Services


The project focus on providing an innovative frame for assessment of effectiveness of gender equity practices, capacity building and innovative solutions that utilize gender equity as tool for growth

Our mission is to enable collective emotional intelligence and sustainable growth with gender equity effectiveness.

R&D Innovation Projects


R&D, Climate Innovation 

3-Fold circularity applied to climate change

Collective emotional intelligence and resilience capacity building

Optimize the human ability to cope with climate change information and act, engage, into addressing climate change outcomes.


Matrix-Q Solutions

Marketing, Communication & Sales Platform for the associated members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Matrix-Q BANK

Matrix-Q Tokens

9 Economies Model

Global Civilization advancement through 9 types of innovations


Multidisciplinary archeology expeditions

Research studies nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations

Travel, Culture & Leisure events

Matrix-Q SDG

Innovation driven SDG Partnership

e-Tools for SDG deployment and collaboration, matching and innovation

Sun Dance Theta

Algorithmic performing arts 

Application of Matrix-Q Algorithms and Nature Inspired Petters and Symbols for performing arts

Story telling, poetry, music composition, dance and theater improv., martial arts, circus arts



Specialized in recruiting, capacity building and licenses for personnel that is required to provide Matrix-Q Certifications.  

Focus on delivering human competences that A.I. can not replace;

We build up leaders with ability to manage the human capital 4.0 : Humna+A.I. + Automatons

Through our recruiting and training programs we enable awareness of important topics like social responsibility, sustainable development (SDGs), circular economy, climate change, gender equity effectiveness, human enhancement

Matrix-Q MeetUps

The MeetUps are a great way for you to try out some of MATRIX-Q techniques and Solutions and meet other people and to learn about additional ways to get more involved.

The MeetUps are organized in topics. We approach each topic from three perspectives (sessions) [THINK] [FEEL] [ACT]

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  • Smart apps
  • e-Tests
  • Score-Card Reports
  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
  • e-Workbooks
  • e-Tools