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Actionable Communication App

“Matrix-Q Actionable Communication” is an intuitive communication method that helps you optimize your team’s  communication process and create an actionable outcome.

Matrix-Q DNA e-Test App

The Matrix-Q DNA is a unique code that describes your conscious capacity and subconscious potential.

Matrix-Q Reality Next Generation e-Learning App

Matrix-Q Reality App, Data-driven next generation e-Learning programs app, provides lean learning tools, V.R., e-Games immersive learning experiences.

Coming soon

We are planning to deploy new Matrix-Q Apps in the following year

Self-awareness app [ e-Test ] Measure your capacity of adjusting your mindset and creativity to new challenges & [ e-Trainer ] Enhance daily your capacity of conquering uncertainty, ambiguity, complexity & change

Sonic-Auditive Therapy (Brain Performance Enhancement) App

The Matrix-Q e-Library App will include features like lean learning tools, and offer to readers the possibility to receive Matrix-Q Tokens for every book they read and to communicate with the author.

Climate Innovation App : Advance innovation capacity and systemic strategic implementation of your climate solutions 

The 3-Fold Circular Economy App. Circularity e-Assessment Tool in three fields: 1.) USERS of machines, technology and materials 2.) CONSUMERS of biological products 3.) HUMANS by including people with distance to labor market, and by enabling human performance enhancement. 

The Matrix-Q Time Management App helps you advance your time management by applying Matrix-Q Method. Learn about the nature of time and emotions.

Matrix-Q Wallet App provides you all the tools you need to manage your Matrix-Q Tokens

Brain performance enhancement app with VR Virtual Reality & e-Games

Prime-Do App:  Prime-do is a Non Violent – Martial Art. The app provides emotional intelligence and leadership training with VR and e-games. Included library (e-books) on the art of war, peace and life applied to sustainable living and life care, and workbook on “The 9 Principles of health happiness and joy”.

Gender equity effectiveness app. Enable effective communication and collaboration in gender mixed teams.Gender skills (Male and female skills) e-test. Included: e-Tools to harness hormonal shifts for advancing performance by synch with natural rhythms, cycles and principles. Including gender inclusive and co-creativity e-library and workbooks.

Matrix-Q Primordial Breathing Method App –  breathing and emotions, body and emotions self-awareness, meditative breathing app.

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  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
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