Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Join an ecosystem of circular economy innovators, entrepreneurs, and consultants

  • Join to strengthen our Multidisciplinary Team
  • Join from your location or at our HQ in the Netherlands
  • Work online, from home or on the go
  • A hands-on-training program, create impact today
  • We have impact-tasks for you that start with 5 hours/month and 9 minutes per task
  • Receive Tokens for in-house training program with certification (free of charge : Circular Economy & Circular Innovation Akademia, SDGs Sustainable Development Goals, Innovation & Leadership for Social Impact, leadership development, Vocational training – explore sustainability tasks and learn the field or type of projects that suits your interests and engagement better)
  • Join a multidisciplinary ecosystem, of circular entrepreneurs and innovators

Volunteer Program


  • GROUP A: You just completed your studies or are about to complete them and you are looking for working experience
  • GROUP B: You are aiming for vocational training, would like to transit to a sustainability job. (You may have a job by a third party and would like to learn hands-on experience on sustainability works and contribute with creating a positive impact)
  • GROUP C: You are considering to engage in innovation, social impact, and would like to have experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, start-ups and social impact.
  • GROUP D: You are retired, you are at the moment not working anymore. You would like to invest your time to learn and collaborate with sustainable development projects.
  • GROUP E: You are working and have a 100% job, but feel that would like to contribute by addressing sustainability, circularity or social impact, or climate negative outcomes, and collaborating creating a positive impact in nature, people and economies.


  • Online work
  • Contribute with practical hands-on actions/tasks with actual sustainability projects
  • You may combine learning activities with the volunteer tasks


  1. LOCATION: You may live in any location around the world.
  2. LANGUAGES: English (Our business language), any other language is a plus. We are a multicultural, multinational ecosystem
    1. No previous experience needed
    2. We aim for a multidisciplinary team
    3. You may be a student, or recently graduated, or have several years of professional experience in a particular field. you may be an entrepreneur, researcher, senior professional or already retired. You are welcome to apply if you are at least 18 years old
    4. You do not need to have previous experience or studies in circularity or SDGs or sustainability knowledge. You will receive in our organization all the background training, knowledge, tools, and skills you need.
    1. We believe that multidisciplinary teams will be more successful in innovation and entrepreneurship. Any professional experience, academic education level or field of expertise is welcome.


Complete the volunteer program and qualify for a role in our ecosystem.

Earn points, tokens and you may be invited to join a project, for longer time, or take over a role as team member, assisting in their work.

Engage in innovation, and qualify for the tokens program. You will be able to trade your tokens for resources and capital to help you start your own innovation company.


1. Write an introduction letter stating your interest in the internship role, goals and plans next 5-10 years

NOTICE: we will not answer this letter, we will review it with you at your first interview (2)

2. Schedule a meeting here

3. Introduce yourself via Whatsapp to nr. +31.626673380 (For the zoom interview, we will share with you the zoom URL via Whatsapp)

4. Additional information, Q&A will follow up at the second interview.

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  • Smart apps
  • e-Tests
  • Score-Card Reports
  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
  • e-Workbooks
  • e-Tools