Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

Co-Founder/Investor Program (Ownership/ShareHolder)

  • After completing the 243-729+ Days challenge, if eligible, you will take over a C-Level+Co-Founder Role in our ecosystem (companies), as Investor, share-holder, you will exercise ownership and leadership

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Become a Matrix-Q Co-founder

Your uniqueness is the solutions for a challenge we are about to discover


  • Join the co-founder program to become a Matrix-Q Co-founder


  • You would like to invest yourself in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem
  • Become co-founder (owner) of the Matrix-Q Spin-offs, Matrix-Q Innovation-Products, Matrix-Q-Franchise, or Matrix-Q Ecosystem
  • You have or aim to develop the mindset, skills, knowledge and resources of an innovation-driven, impact-agent (leader) and impact-investor. 
  • You are ready to contribute with the development of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem



  • For diverse projects we will welcome 9 seats (chosen candidates, after program completion)
  • We will accept a maximum of 27 applications (candidates)
  • The 18 will have the chance to continue with the program until new co-founder seats open (yearly)


  • It is a gamified tokenised and data driven program, which offer points, tokens, rewards and opportunities. 
  • Along the program you will receive
    • Training in Matrix-Q Methodology and products
    • Opportunities to demonstrate the value of your contribution (non tangible) through a hands-on training program, in which you will participate in projects as team member
  • The program will take no longer than 9 months, no less than 3 months
  • Along the program we will utilise a quantification of value tool, and human-capital metrics, that will indicate us the total value of your non tangible investment. Which combined with your monetary contribution will help us assess the co-founder-value entry.
  • Your capacity to solve challenges by applying Matrix-Q Methodology will be assessed
  • Your ability to fully carry a role, mindset and duties, according to project and stage of the program will be monitored. To be accountable, complete tasks and do achieved what has been requested from you with each assignment, challenge or task.
  • Along the program the combination of challenges, tasks, learning units will help yo reach full eligibility.
  • From the list of top eligible candidates a maximum of 9 new co-founders will be chosen.


Along the co-founder program you need to reach the following eligibility conditions:

  • Matrix-Q Black Belt (Hands-on capacity building program, focus matrix-q methodology, knowledge and solutions utilised to solve complexity)
  • Complete the co-founder program ( there are 12+ modules to be completed that involve achievement of tasks, assignments, duties )
  • Have the intention to join and stay at the matrix-q ecosystem
  • (Optional) May bring also an innovative idea or product to be merged with matrix-q method or knowledge, for the creation of a new prototype, product or future spin-off (you may bring your creative idea, innovation)
  • Intention to commit to the company at least 70% time (starts with at least 54 hrs per month) *
  • (*) alternative conditions may apply to current employees of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem that wish to be promoted to co-founder status.
  • Contribute with capital, resources and expertise (monetary, tangible, non tangible) for a total minimum total value (which vary according to spin off or project)(**)
    • 50 K EUR  Circularity
    • 30 K EUR  Social Impact
    • 50 K EUR  Franchise
    • 20 K EUR  Spin-offs
    • 100 K EUR R&D Innovation
    • 10 K EUR STAK Convertible bonds
    • 10 K EUR New digital products, prototypes
    • 50 K EUR Investment fund
    • 5 K EUR Non profit projects
    • (**) The minimum monetary contribution for each candidate will be set case by case.  
    • (***) It is not mandatory the monetary contribution to be associated to the project or area you want to join. Case by case we will decide together to which project your monetary contribution will be allocated. 


  • The list of available projects will be shared along the interview 
  • If the candidate don’t reach the black belt within the time frame in agreement, may join a team or take another role in a company or ecosystem project, and complete their black belt later, and join the next season co-founder program. Points and tokens accumulated are valid for all future co-founder programs too. You never start-over.
  • At the beginning of the co-founder program, candidates must do a capital deposit (monetary) and commit with a non tangible contribution. Any monetary deposits will be transformed in convertible loan with a simple loan agreement to be later be registered in a STAK
  • The non tangible contribution will be registered monthly, and compensated according to the co-founder agreement, and if eligible also transformed into a convertible bonds, to be later be registered in a STAK.
  • If the monetary deposit was for a non profit project it will be converted in a donation. 


  • The co-founder candidates will undergo 12 modules (co-founder program) and take over roles, challenges, responsibilities, assignments, tasks, and training units.
  • The roles will vary according to stage. We would like our future co-founders to experience and succeed at each module.
  • The Matrix-Q Akademia is a hands-on training, which means the co-founders candidate will join games, simulations, and real projects, in which to face real life challenges. Accordingly compensation conditions and promotion rules will apply. 
  • The Co-funder status and respective duties will be given only after the candidate has reached eligibility stage. (After completion of the 12 modules)


Who will evaluate the new co-founders eligibility?

  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem (1)
  • Matrix-Q Research Institute Board (1-3)
  • The Matrix-Q Co-founders circle (3)


For the evaluation of the candidates the following methods, tools and rules will be utilized

    • The Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business Tool (Holistic Assessment of Impact & Strategy)
    • The Matrix-Q QHCV Tool (Quantification of human capital value)
    • Data, and metrics on performance and contribution value will be add to the score generated with the The Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business Tool & The Matrix-Q QHCV Tool 
  • After completion of the 12th module, the eligible candidates with higher scores, will have a greater chance to be chosen in the current cofounder program season.
  • The assessment tools utilised will help us assess the value of candidate’s non tangible and strategic contribution, current capacity, potential development and current knowledge. 
  • The cofounder program will help us evaluate your capacity to solve complex challenges by utilizing. Matrix-q Solutions snd methodology


In order to apply you need to:

  • Send your cv (PDF) and self introduction letter and valuation of your intended contribution with details ( monetary, tangibles, non tangibles, your potential, strategic, knowledge, skills, network, others) to 
  • Schedule zoom interview via calendly 
  • After the interview a pre-selection process will follow, we will utilise the Matrix-Q GTE Quantum-Business Tool for Holistic & Strategic Assessment of impact, produce a pre-assessment report and inform you on results, and share with you alternatives paths.

If eligible to join the co-founder’s program the following conditions will apply:

  • Signature co-founder program agreement (agreement with the rules, and procedure described in this home page, including additional details on the 12 modules program)
  • Signature of the Matrix-Q Akademia program agreement (Agreement with the training system, points, tokenisation, data generation, rewards system, belts and rank, promotion system)
  • Including signature of an NDA non disclosure agreement and a non competition agreement ( Keep in mind we are a R&D Innovation-driven ecosystem, with focus innovation, with proprietary technology, knowledge and intellectual property)
  • Commit min 27 hours per week or 54 hours per month 
  • Deposit of monetary contribution in the form of convertible loan (an easy loan agreement atet will later be transformed in a convertible loan agreement) 
  • Ability to start duties within 18 days after signature agreement 


Q1.What happen if i drop-off the Matrix-Q Co-founder program?

  • You will be welcome to join a team, project and choose an agreement that suits you better

Q2.If I decide I no longer want to be part of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem?

  • We will assess the total training units, experience and tasks completion, in the case you qualify for Matrix-Q Certificates or licenses
  • We will convert your monetary deposit in a short term loan agreement or a convertible loan, according to case.

Q.3.Will I receive a compensation for any tasks I have completed along the co-founder program 12 modules?

  • Yes, every module holds its own compensation rules, accordingly you will be compensated

Q.4.Can the Matrix-Q Ecosystem terminate the agreement (co-founder program agreement) ?

  • If your application passed the pre-selection process, it means that we really would like you to become and stay as member of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem and wish you reach the level of achievement necessary to become a co-founder.
  • Only under extreme conditions, like NDA or NON competition, secrecy or any breach of agreements signed, we may decide to terminate the agreement
  • But do not worry, you may disagree, in that case, we will follow a negotiation or mediation procedure, to evaluate your contributions and balance your duties, accountability, and challenges we may have found, utilising the data generated by your tasks and work and any information necessary for the assessment. We aim to end our relationships in good terms always.

Q.5.If I do not reach eligibility within 9 months, what then ?

  • It only means that you need more time. 
  • We intent to open seats for new co-founders every year if necessary
  • If you joined already one co-founder program, and you did not reach eligibility within 9 months, you may join a project, team, or be assigned to a role for which you fully qualify, with the respective compensation rules (similar to those of the co-founder program 12 modules) and keep earning points tokens, completing your rank (belts program) until you reach eligibility. 
  • Then you join a waiting list for the next co-founder seat opportunity.

Q.6. If I decide not to convert the capital (monetary deposit) into a convertible loan, can I just receive my money back ?

  • You will receive your money back according to the loan agreement conditions.
  • We create this loan agreement not only for you to be able to receive shares of the company (or spin-offs, property of the products, projects), but also to enable financial capital for our ecosystem.
  • If you want to convert this loan into shares later, is an option we give you through our STAK (Convertible bonds program). You can apply to join the STAK as well and convert your money into shares with no decision power.
  • If you want your money back we will follow the rules in the loan agreement signed.

Q.7. Can I bring my own idea, innovation, project to the ecosystem ?

  • Yes, you are welcome to bring your contribution in the form of creativity
  • We will integrate it to the Matrix-Q Methodology, technology and knowledge and create together a new prototype or upgrade it with the Matrix-Q Method.

Q.8. Who will provide the training and be my contact person in the Matrix-Q Akademia and for the Matrix-Q Co-founder program?

  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem

Q.9. Do I need any number of years of experience in business, or an academic degree or age to join the co-founder program ?

  • We assess case by case, and intent to be fair. If you pass the preselection program, you will have the chance to demonstrate your capacity and the value of your potential.
  • We are an inclusive company, we do not discriminate age, gender, cultural background, race or academic degrees.

Q.10 Can also women apply to become co-founders ?

  • We are an inclusive organisation that aims to create equal opportunities for male and female.
  • 50% of our new co-founders will be male and 50% will be female
  • We aim to become a gender diverse and gender equity organisation 

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