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From 3 min to 6 months programs.

  • e-Tests: find out the diversity and intensity of skills and competences you have.
  • e-Learning: tailor-made learning process according to your learning skills.  
  • e-Games: simulations that challenge your ability to apply the acquired knowledge and skills.
  • e-Coaching: helps you enhance and optimize your circular thinking capacity, innovation capacity, learning and adaptation skills. 
  • e-Lab Innovation: optimizes your innovation process with multidisciplinary approach, 9 strategic perspectives and perceptions of value.
  • A.I. Engine Advisor: help you optimize your innovation process and make better decisions.



The e-Tests do an assessment of your conscious capacity and subconscious potential.

  • Our smart app offers 12 categories of e-tests.
  • An e-Test takes between 3-5 min
  • With the e-test subscribers find out how is their current MindSet, skills, competences, barriers, blindspots, strengths, patterns of perception of value, learning skills and others.
  • The e-test results are presented with graphs.
  • Indicating how balanced and diverse is the current status, of competences or skills.
  • The e-test considers 9 strategic perspectives, streams of value, competences and skills.
  • The subscriber may use the e-test results to set priorities, an decide personal development path, learning, which competences or skills need to be enhanced first.
  • Automated advice is offered. A.I. Coach advice will be available in 2021.
  • An e-Test report and advice by a human consultant is also available under request
  • Below the 12 main fields assessed with the e-Test, with focus on circular economy.

Collective e-Tests

  • We also provide collective e-tests which help us find out the DNA of a number of individuals 
  • The collective e-test results are useful for teams, networks, schools, trainers, coaches, consultants, and product management.
  • It utilizes an algorithm that combines the individual e-tests and generates a collective DNA.
  • For example finding out which are the missing skills in a team. Or which are the strengths.
  • Or finding our the DNA (persona) of the ideal customer for a new products.
  • Or even describing the ideal learning process for a classroom. (tailor-made services)

Take the Collective e-Test  & Workshop

e-Learning Methodology

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  • The e-learning programs facilitate knowledge and skills, as for capacity building programs.
  • We utilize a next generation e-learning production methodology which offers:
    • Tailor-made e-learning process according to users learning preferences and skills
    • Data-driven methodology help us assess the users capacities:
      • Learning capacity
      • Adaptation capacity
      • Capacity of application of the knowledge and skills acquired 
    • Gamified (reward, points) learning method
    • Learning by doing method (learning by facing and solving challenges) 
    • Lean learning methodology [ helps users to THINK, FEEL & ACT with the knowledge and skills acquired ]

e-LEARNING PROGRAMS (Level 1) 2020

  • Human Adaptive Capacity and Human Evolution: Perception of value and innovation capacity
  • Circular economy principles applied to human capital
  • Lean Learning & Lean Innovation Methodology 
  • Actionable communication Method & Collective Innovation Capacity


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  • Simulations help our users case study and test own ability to solve challenges
  • With simulations we measure the user capacity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired
  • Tailor-made to user level of capacity, we offer challenges that bring our users to the next level.


  • e-Mail Simulations: are e-games that provide a foundation-level of capacity building
  • Animated, story driven, immersive simulations 
  • 3D story driven interactive simulations. Users enter worlds that challenges their competences.
  • V.R. & A.R. Virtual reality and augmented reality games ( Available from 2020-2021 )
  • Story-driven e-Games tailor-made to user capacity. ( Available from 2022-2023 )
  • e-Games simulations with high level complexity and A.I. Advisor. Our A.I. Engine will help players with strategic decision making and complementary acquisition of knowledge. ( Available from 2024 )



Please choose your field of interest:

Learning skillsThinking SkillsCircular ThinkingInnovation CapacityPerception of valueEmotional EngagementAdaptive capacityInstinctEmpathyLeadership skillsGender equity effectiveness capacityActionable CommunicationStress ManagementEmotional Intelligence

  • e-Coaching is a service provided to leaders, consultants and innovators in circular economy
  • Delivered in 1 up to 9 coaching sessions
  • Training content will be also included in the coaching sessions
  • Human consultant will facilitate the coaching process, & assess and support your learning process.
  • Smart applications: e-test, e-learning, e-games, and A.I. Engine will support you along your learning process


  • Accelerate the transition to circular economy with human competences
  • Advance your leadership, innovation and emotional intelligence skills
  • Develop human competences that A.I. can not replace


In a time of continuous change, ambiguity, uncertainty, complexity. Human competences become scarce and extremely valuable.With our coaching program we help you :

  • Measure
  • Enhance and
  • Optimize

the following skills and competences 


  • Circular Thinking
  • Innovation Capacity
  • Perception of value
  • Adaptive capacity & Survival Instinct
  • Learning skills
  • Thinking Skills
  • Emotional Engagement
  • Survival Instinct
  • Empathy & Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership skills
  • Actionable Communication
  • Stress Management 
  • Gender equity effectiveness capacity
  • Inclusion and social impact

e-Lab Innovation

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  • Optimizes your innovation process with multidisciplinary approach
  • The program helps you overcome your innovation blindspots and barriers, enhance and optimize your innovation capacity.
  • It utilizes 9 strategic perspectives and 9 streams of perceptions of value. 
  • Currently provided with  a human consultant, that facilitates and monitor an innovation process.
  • The e-Lab program is provided online
  • Alternative an in-premises program is optional, under request.
  • Alternative it includes e-coaching and e-learning
  • Supports innovation process with e-Tools & A.I. Engine Advisor (Available in 2024)


A.I. Engine

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(Available in 2022)

  • A.I. Engine Advisor: help you optimize your innovation process, make better choices regarding trapped value release and innovation. 
  • A.I. Engine Learning coach, helps you optimize your learning and coaching process.


3 min Training assisted by a Robot: from home, at the office or on the go

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  • The robot is an assistant for our data-driven tailor-made capacity building programs with focus on the development of human competences.
  • With the robot our users will have at home the perfect learning-assistant that will help them accelerate their learning process, and have more fun at learning.
  • We believe this robot to be a great addition to our products.

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  • Smart apps
  • e-Tests
  • Score-Card Reports
  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
  • e-Workbooks
  • e-Tools