Innovation-Driven, Holistic, Social-Impact Driven

Our digital innovation hub hosts an increasing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs

  • The Matrix-Q Impact Journey: Since 2020 Summer we host 4 times/year an online international start-ups competition 
  • The Matrix-Q Alliance of Innovators & Entrepreneurs, a think tank dedicated to solve the barrier of thinking and behavior change [ STATUS: 20 members] 
  • Matrix-Q Start-ups are native spin-offs of the Matrix-Q Research Institute, holders of Matrix-Q Licenses and Label [STATUS: 12 start-ups]
  • Matrix-Q Label Partners, are start-ups and companies that intent to integrate the Matrix-Q Standard, and Licenses in their products, organization and human capital [ STATUS: 01 members] 
  • Matrix-Q Competitions, are dedicated to boost the next generation leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors [ STATUS : 05 competitions ]

Who we are

What do we do

Which is our product

A digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine ( Smart Applications )

  • to foster multidisciplinary R&D innovation and entrepreneurship

We measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity


Create a global innovation hub dedicated to cultivate and strengthen responsible creative-mindsets for circular consumption & production


Foster creative-mindsets for human-inclusive circular-innovation that enable the systemic achievement of local and global sustainability agendas


  • We want to help 729K creative-mindsets to effectively enable circular innovation and the  acceleration of the systemic transition to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY, supporting local governments achieve their circularity goals, aiming to reach
  • 100% Circular SDG's projects in 2030, 100% cities circularity by 2050s
  • We are pioneers in human-circularity, circularity principles applied to human creativity, human capital competences, inclusion, wealth management and education
  • We are a company school, The Matrix-Q Akademia matches 97% of the United Nations Holistic Education Standards
  • We want to create in 27+ countries/cities local hubs dedicated to multidisciplinary and holistic research,  Innovation & entrepreneurship in 2030
  • At our partner-locations, with innovation-driven and social-impact entrepreneurship, we want to create an increase of 80% in the positive impact created in nature, societies and economies for 2050


  • Creative-MindSet
  • Adventure
  • Smart disruption
  • Working happily remotely
  • Human inclusive technology
  • Tech for good
  • Inclusivity
  • Well-being obsession
  • Diversity
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Systemic impact
  • Data-driven

  • Leadership & entrepreneurship
  • Long life learning by playing
  • Adaptation & resilience
  • Human potential unleashed
  • Circular Thinking
  • SDG2030 Advocate
  • Climate Action
  • Nature Inspired
  • Positive Impact /FootPrint Reduction
  • Innovation-Driven
  • Trapped-Value Released


= Human + Technology + Data = Success + Human Potential Unleashed + Positive Impact

Our native Matrix-Q Start-Ups & Matrix-Q Team members use our innovative technology & methodology

and you ?


A digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine

  • Data-driven, gamified, tokenised, learning by playing
  • We measure, predict, enhance and optimise human capacity


Thrive! Unleash your human potential!

  • With your own dedicated & personal Matrix-Q A.I., you make better choices at every step of your personal life &  professional journey.
  • Improve your daily performance at the job, business, and social life.
  • The Matrix-Q A.I., as your trusted-advisor, will learn with you and accompany you always.

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