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The Ɵ Foundation (Stichting LDMF) is a non profit organization with the aim to enable implementation and deployment of nature inspired and multidisciplinary innovation developed with Matrix-Q Body of Work.

The innovation and associated companies should have a positive impact in nature, be social inclusive and in contribute with the development of a sustainable global culture and an advanced civilization.

With the purpose have create a division, the Matrix-Q Research Institute.

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A democratic decision making instrument has been created in 2016 for public and private contribution with our decision making process. From setting priority of R&D topics, innovation fields and global pressing issues targets.

The  assemblies has been designed with the purpose to enable participation, communication and balance between public needs, locations awareness of their own needs and resilience building process needs.

The Assembly member contribute with opinion, vote, knowledge, vision, expertise and network.

Assembly members join online platform and receive reports and documentation, with strategic planning and outcome, process, developed by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, for their evaluation.

You may apply to join any of the following assemblies programs:

  • City / Location Assembly: Focus on supporting our activities at your location
  • National or Regional Assembly: Focus on supporting our activities at your country or region, like for example :The Netherlands, Benelux or EU
  • Public Institutions Assembly: Local and national government organizations and representatives may join to communicate with us and share their needs, insight, preferences and requests
  • The Agora: Where local and global citizens may join to listen to presentations and share their opinion and preferences, follow discussions and use communication technology to suggest solutions 

If you would like to join any of the assemblies, please contact us

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Location AssemblyNational / Regional AssemblyPublic Institution/RepresentativeThe Agora

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