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The Stichting LDMF is a non profit organization with the aim to enable implementation and deployment of nature inspired and multidisciplinary innovation developed with Matrix-Q Body of Work.

The innovation and associated companies should have a positive impact in nature, be social inclusive and in contribute with the development of a sustainable global culture and an advanced civilization.

With this purpose the Stichting LDMF has create two divisions, the Ɵ Foundation, the Matrix-Q Research Institute, and a number of spin-offs, start-ups and projects (for profit and non for profit)

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The Stichting LDMF is managed by a Board of members, caretakers of the organization legacy and future. Its main goal is to ensure that the values, ethics code and aims set by the founder in the deed of incorporation will be observed by the organization and its members and delivered by the projects and growth enabled by its activities.

In order to become a board member candidates must complete a matching program.

The Board member contribute with decision making, strategic management, knowledge, network and leadership roles.

Board members join online platform and receive reports and documentation or their evaluation and decision making, and hold yearly board meetings for decision making.

If you would like to contribute with the Stichting LDFM as board member, please contact us

  • Since 2020 candidates to the board member role must be enrolled at the Matrix-Q Circular Akademia Program and achieve the number of points and rank necessary for the role 
  • The Candidates will execute and engage into activities and tasks associated to the competences, knowledge, experience and skills necessary for the roles of board members since the first month hands-on training at the Akademia. 

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