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Matrix-Q Ecosystem

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem is an international network of projects, organisations, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and impact-investors dedicated to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.

In 1993 our founder, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, led a multidisciplinary, gamified, learning by playing study circle for leaders at his university. The outcome of the following 4 years work inspired him to engage into social entrepreneurship.

Since 1983 our founder takes part and lead private multidisciplinary archaeology expeditions, for the study of nature inspired technology and knowledge of ancient cultures and civilisations. With the understanding that their capacity and ability to live in harmony with nature and lead prosperous societies will bring answers to the global pressing issues we experience today and to solutions necessary for the development of the global civilisation and culture of the future we want.

Since 2016 the Matrix-Q Research Institute continues the development of multidisciplinary research projects and expeditions led by 5 research groups.

With focus on sustainability, social-impact, inclusion, human-rights, climate, circularity and tech for good, the Matrix-Q Research institute gives birth to new spin-offs, and level-up start-ups, initiatives and projects of members of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem, Matrix-Q Akademia,  Impact Journey Competition and of the Matrix-Q Alliance of Innovators. (Learn more about Matrix-Q Innovation-Hub Projects)

The Matrix-Q Innovation Hub (2020) in The Netherlands is the first step towards an international network of locations to be powered with Matrix-Q Solutions, provided by Matrix-Q professionals, Matrix-Q Certified, License Holders.

The Matrix-Q Franchise Project aims for 2030-2050 to enable 729.000 new job positions internationally.

Learn more about the Matrix-Q Ecosystem Projects  

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