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Matrix-Q Ecosystem Start-Ups

A Spin-off of the Matrix-Q Ecosystem utilize the Matrix-Q Method for the R&D, Innovation, Design, Development, Management, Deployment and Commercialization of the Products. Matrix-Q Start Ups are Label-Holders and Matrix-Q Standard Compliant.

The Matrix-Q Ecosystem evolved from the Matrix-Q Research Institute and its spin-offs (2016-2019, The Netherlands). Since 2019 our focus as an R&D Ecosystem, is Circular Economy.

The business lines (start-ups) below are managed by the Matrix-Q Ecosystem co-founders, in 5 locations, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Peru, and soon other countries more. We plan to develop them step by step, for 2030, into robust organizations with autonomy. 

All our services and products share same Methodology at its back end, which allow us to re-combine their innovative elements and apply their core knowledge in order to create new solutions for specific challenges, for example for Circular Economy.


Our Team

A multinational and multidisciplinary team of co-founders in 5 nations

Circular Matrix-Q Solutions

We accelerate the transition into circular economy


We offer three products that help leaders accelerate the transition into circular economy

  • 1.Assessment of circular innovation capacity
  • 2.Capacity building program
  • 3.Circular innovation assistance (trapped value release, innovation method) and change management advice


We combine these three products in one single program.

Our program is provided to leaders, circular economy consultants, innovators, communicators that would like to contribute with the acceleration of the transition into circular economy

The program takes 12 sessions and 81 days or in total 36 units of service.

  • We use lean learning methodology [Learn to THINK, FEEL & ACT with the knowledge acquired] and
  • Hybrid gamified learning activities : e-learning, e-tests, e-workbooks, e-mail,
  • As well as human competences and consultant, coach advice


We also combine the three products to provide e-coaching services.

The e-Coaching program is tailor-made and provided to individuals.


We need funding in order to

A.) Complete the production of our scalable solutions

  • >Smart apps
  • >e-Learning
  • >A.I. Engine (machine learning)

B.) And to build up capacity into consultants that will help us deliver our three products to companies.

C.) Support innovators with our methodology to research and identify the bottle necks, strategic opportunities for innovation in their own region; and deploy the innovation with entrepreneurship.

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MQ9 [ Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions: Scalable, data-driven, multidisciplinary, smart applications A.I. Engines

We offer data-driven smart and scalable applications design and development


  • e-Learning Programs Production Methodology: immersive, data-driven, story-based, tailor-made to user learning skills  (Matrix-Q Reality )
  • Smart Apps: prototyping
  • e-Tests
  • A.I. Engine (Machine Learning)
  • Algorithms design
  • IoT, Edge Computing
  • Quantum Computing
  • B.I. Business Intelligence, Cognitive
  • A.R., V.R.
  • e-Games


We combined our products and develop new business concepts, services and programs

We join forces with strategic partners, incubate new ideas and start-ups


  • Circular Economy
  • Education, Training Programs
  • Human Typology, Collective Intelligence & Behavior
  • A.I. Coach
  • Gender Equity Effectiveness
  • Leadership & strategic management (B.I.)

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Multidisciplinary & Nature inspired knowledge. Human competences that A.I. can not replace,

We offer capacity building


  • e-Learning Programs
  • Hybrid Programs: Human competences combined with digital activities (e-learning, e-tests, smart apps)
  • Human Consultant provides experiential training
  • Learning assisted by A.I. Learning Coach


  • Lean Learning [ THINK ] [ FEEL ] [ ACT ]
  • Gamified [ Learning by playing, learning by doing, Learning by taking challenges ]
  • Immersive [ Story driven ]
  • Hybrid [ We combine e-learning, e-games, V.R., A.R. with experiential human-2-human activities ]
  • Data-driven [ We measure learning skills, capacity and potential ]
  • Tailor-Made [ According too individual DNA or MindSet and preferred activities for Learning ]
  • Next Generation e-Learning Programs Production methodology [Matrix-Q Reality]
  • Brain Performance, memory and focus enhancement (Matrix-Q Brain GYM] [Matrix-Q Sonic Therapy]


  • Human Competences
  • Business
  • Social Impact
  • Technology
  • Performing arts
  • Ancient Cultures & Civilizations
  • Leadership
  • Trainers & Coaches Certificate Program

[ Learn more about the training programs]

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Associated Consultants

Matrix-Q Method = Human Competences + Technology = Success + Human Potential Unleashed

We offer consultancy services


  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Consultancy

Our services combine human consultants, human competences, with scalable, smart and data driven applications: e-learning, smart apps, e-games, e-tests, A.I. Engine, B.I. Engine 


  • Circular Economy
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate immunology
  • Leadership Development


We provide a complete training (Certification) for

  • Trainers (81 Units)
  • Coaches (243 units)
  • Consultants (729 units)

in our fields of expertise and Matrix-Q Methodology.


  • Our associated consultants are holders of the Matrix-Q License
  • Receive yearly training, updates and upgrades on knowledge, tools and skills


  • For our circular economy project we are recruiting and  providing training 50 Consultants in each of the following countries: Canada, Peru, Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and others.
  • We re also designing and developing data-driven and smart tools for consultants: smart apps, A.I. Advisor Engine; B.I. Business Intelligence Engine

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Matrix-Q Research Institute - Circular Economy Innovation Lab

We provide tailor-made innovation services


  • Innovation Lab: R&D, Product design, validation and deployment.
  • Innovation Methodology: The Matrix-Q Method
  • Innovation Capacity Building: Human competences, innovation capacity building.
  • Innovation Tools: Data-driven tools for innovators


  • Our customers request solutions that enable trapped value release and transition into circular economy
  • We engage into R&D, Innovation, Development and Validation of the Innovation, prototype design and development, until product ready for commercialization.


  • Multidisciplinary
  • Human Competences combined with technology 4.0 (Human Inclusive Technology)
  • Data-driven
  • Scalable solutions


  • Matrix-Q Method = Human Competences + Technology = Success + Human Potential Unleashed


  • Our current focus is on R&D Innovation that accelerate the transition into CIRCULAR ECONOMY

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Matrix-Q Expeditions

A futurist bridge between ancient civilizations, the the needs of today and the future advanced global civilization.

We organize expeditions to cultural sites in Europe and Asia.

To study, nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilizations.

Learn about their traditions, art, culture, myths, stories, symbology and mathematics.


  • Multidisciplinary archaeology expeditions. Join us along an exploration back in time, visiting to ancient cultures and civilizations.
  • Travel, culture & leisure program. 
  • Presentations, on previous discoveries and research work done 1993-2019
  • Training program: Mathematic and symbolic language of ancient cultures and civilizations. 
  • Publications, e-books


Explorations, trainings and presentations to sites from nature inspired ancient cultures in:

  • Greece
  • China
  • Slavic
  • Celtic
  • Japanese
  • Vedic
  • Egyptian
  • Persian
  • Roman


  • 1 Expedition per year. (contact us for more details)

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  • Smart apps
  • e-Tests
  • Score-Card Reports
  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
  • e-Workbooks
  • e-Tools