Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

[START-UP] Preventive Health & Quality of Life

Join an ecosystem of circular economy innovators, social-entrepreneurs, and consultants

  • Join to strengthen our Multidisciplinary Team
  • Join from your location or at our HQ in the Netherlands
  • Work online, from home or on the go
  • After training in our tools and methodology you will receive tasks where to apply the knowledge you have to acquire and develop the necessary skills to create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • A hands-on-training program, create impact today
  • Choose the working modality you prefer: online, in-premises, at our offices or outdoors
  • Complete in-house training program with certification and licenses (free of charge)
  • Circular Economy & Circular Innovation Academia
  • SDGs Sustainable Development Goals
  • Innovation & Leadership for Social Impact
  • Vocational training – explore knowledge, tools, skills, smart applications, roles, learn by acting on the field or type of projects that suits your interests and engagement better


  • A new spin-off of the Matrix-Q Innovation Hub, dedicated to preventive-health products, including quality of life enhancement therapeutical methods.
  • We are building up a team that will provide our services and products in 2021
  • We believe in family-life-work balance and happiness at work, as enablers of the quality of life that is needed in these unprecedented times
  • We would like this new team to provide services in all mayor cities of the Netherlands. (You may work close from home)
  • We are a gender-inclusive company, 50% women + 50% men team
  • We are a social-inclusive company: welcome are men and women, immigrants and nationals, PwD, all levels of academic degrees and non academic competences)
  • We believe in the ability of people to learn and achieve goals, milestones, unleash their potential. 
  • We believe in providing equal opportunities.




After completion of your training, certification and license agreement, you will be assigned to a specific role in the company as:

  • Therapist : You will provide/facilitate preventive-health and quality of life enhancement services to our customers
  • Therapist-Manager You will also lead the company business process
  • Therapist-Project Manager: You will lead projects  (services programs) tailor-made to our customers needs (companies)
  • Therapist-Innovator: You will contribute to the development of new methodologies, technology and therapies.


  • Join an innovative ecosystem of holistic multidisciplinary innovators and social-entrepreneurs
  • Receive a complete training program free of charge (data-driven, gamified, tokenized, hands-on training program)
  • Receive certificates and licenses
  • Receive training in innovative methodology, tools and therapeutical activities, strategic management, leadership and innovation.
  • Compensation agreements after completion of trial season
  • Qualify to become a C-Level, Project-Manager, Assistant or Therapist for the company.
  • Free working schedule (You set your schedule)
  • You can join from any country of the world (We will receive applicants 60% from The Netherlands,, 40% from Europe, 30% International/overseas) 
  • You choose your work modality:
    • Online (remote) work (you will care for customers online, via remote health-services platform)
    • Outdoors work (you will care for customers along outdoor activities)
    • In-premises work (you will visit the offices of our customers (businesses) to provide services
    • At-office work (you will provide services at our offices and partner centres)
  •  Work with a multidisciplinary, gender-diverse and multicultural team.


1. Write an introduction letter stating your interest in the role, goals and plans next 5-10 years

NOTICE: we will not answer this letter, we will review it with you at your first interview (2)

2. Schedule a meeting here

3. Introduce yourself via Whatsapp to nr. +31.626673380 (For the zoom interview, we will share with you the zoom URL via Whatsapp)

4. Additional information, Q&A will follow up at the second interview.

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  • Smart apps
  • e-Tests
  • Score-Card Reports
  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
  • e-Workbooks
  • e-Tools