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[START-UP] Sustainability & Business School (Boarding and Online @ Self-sufficient Centre in Nature)

Matrix-Q Spin-off with focus “Sustainability & Business School  (Boarding and Online School) at a Self-sufficient Centre in Nature”

  • Multidisciplinary Holistic Nature Inspire & Data-Driven Entrepreneurship
  • Our students create a positive impact in nature, societies and economies
  • We utilize a SaaS Digital platform for capacity building assisted by A.I. Engine that helps us measure, predict, enhance and optimise human capacity, performance and unleash human potential.
  • Join to strengthen our multidisciplinary team.

Join to strengthen our multidisciplinary team.


  • A new spin-off of the Matrix-Q Innovation Hub, dedicated to “education for multidisciplinary innovation, sustainability, social-impact and entrepreneurship” services and products, including a “BOARDING SCHOOL, Close to nature-protected locations, cultural sites, forest, lake, sea, river or dune ” as well as ” DAY SCHOOL, with students attending weekend or day classes “, and “ONLINE SCHOOL – having production activities for e-learning, remote capacity building, coaching & consultancy ” and an in-house team engaged to administrate the centre and develop “SELF-SUSTAINABILITY/Self-Sufficient activities like: food, water, energy, services, products…”  
  • We are building up a team that will provide our services and products in 2021
  • We are running a pilot project in the city of Rhenen, for which we are recruiting new team members to contribute in the diverse projects: boarding school, day school, online school, self-sustainability/self-sufficient activities.  
  • We believe that nature inspired knowledge and technology of ancient cultures and civilisations holds important keys for the  solutions we need, in order to create the future we want, living in harmony with nature, creating a positive impact in nature, societies and economies.
  • We daily/weekly learn from nature, directly by visiting nature protected areas, and rediscovering regenerative, circular and sustainability principles in nature.
  • We have engaged into scientific and field work research studies since 1993, and multidisciplinary innovation, holistic strategic management and entrepreneurship with social impact.
  • Our innovation-hub (online) and online akademia hosts future entrepreneurs in training, committed to develop innovation-driven social-impact start-ups. We host at the moment 12 start-up projects, an international start-ups and impact agents competition. and 12 hub projects dedicated to support locations with technology, knowledge, and resources for innovation, start-ups, research and entrepreneurship.
  • It is our intention to share this journey, story. And to enable empowering experiences to young people, researchers and innovators, and aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, or professionals that decided to shift their career towards sustainability and social-impact.
  • We would like this new team to care for the pilot project, and replicate the project in other locations  in the Netherlands 70% and in Europe (30%). (You may work  from home, you may work and live at the pilot project house)
  • We are a gender-inclusive company, 50% women + 50% men team
  • We are a social-inclusive company: welcome are men and women, immigrants and nationals, PwD, all levels of academic degrees and non academic competences)
  • We believe in the ability of people to learn and achieve goals, milestones, unleash their potential.
  • We believe in providing equal opportunities.



After completion of your training, certification and license agreement, you will be assigned to a specific role in the company as:

  • Out-doors Trainer: You will provide/facilitate travel, leisure, education experiences outdoors
  • Multidisciplinary & Holistic Research, Innovation: You will lead or join a multidisciplinary team of researchers for the purpose of solving global pressing issues, with your innovative creativity
  • Project-Manager You will also lead the company business process, projects, services, products line
  • Account manager: You will care for our customers, from corporate to C-Level and in-house students (for the boarding school program)
  • Innovator: You will contribute to the development of new methodologies, technology and knowledge
  • Trainer: You will facilitate experiential, gamified,hands-on education programs .
  • Coach, consultant
  • Life-work balance, happiness at work, happiness-in-house, community manager
  • Social-media, marketing, communication
  • Akademia, projects and products, training programs manager, and content developers, administration and production of the capacity building programs (e-learning, an in-house)


    • Join an innovative ecosystem of holistic multidisciplinary innovators and social-entrepreneurs
    • Receive a complete training program free of charge (data-driven, gamified, tokenized, hands-on training program)
    • Receive certificates and licenses
    • Receive training in innovative methodology, tools, multidisciplinary expeeditions activities, strategic management, leadership and innovation.
    • Compensation agreements after completion of trial season
    • Qualify to become a C-Level, Project-Manager, Assistant or Project Manager for the company.
    • Free working schedule (You set your schedule)
    • You can join from any country of the world (We will receive applicants 60% from The Netherlands,, 40% from Europe, 30% International/overseas)
    • You choose your work modality:
      • Online (remote) work (you will care for customers online, via remote services platform)
      • Outdoors work (you will care for customers along outdoor activities)
      • In-premises work (you will visit the offices of our customers (businesses) to provide services
      • in-house (Living at the centre/house/farm/facility)
      • At-office work (you will provide services at our offices and partner centres)
    • Work with a multidisciplinary, gender-diverse and multicultural team.


1. Write an introduction letter stating your interest in the role, goals and plans next 5-10 years

NOTICE: we will not answer this letter, we will review it with you at your first interview (2)

2. Schedule a meeting here

3. Introduce yourself via Whatsapp to nr. +31.626673380 (For the zoom interview, we will share with you the zoom URL via Whatsapp)

4. Additional information, Q&A will follow up at the second interview.

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  • Smart apps
  • e-Tests
  • Score-Card Reports
  • Next Generation Data-Driven and Immersive e-Learning Programs (V.R., e-Games)
  • e-Workbooks
  • e-Tools